Lease your real estate to us -
receive stable rental income

We will provide safekeeping of your property and free you from maintenance

Timely and stable rental payments

We are interested in long term cooperation. We rent for long periods, invest into ratings through arrangement of additional facilities and cosmetic repairs, improving comfort for our guests and complete apartments as per our standards.

Guarantee of integrity and cleanness

Our apartments have highest ratings in booking systems - 9.5 and higher. Each apartment has its own cleaning and housekeeping staff.

Same as you we are surely interested in cleannes of an apartment and serviceability of all accessories, machines and furniture.

Our guests undergo security check

We do not allow stag parties, as well as local guests overnight from the same city. Prior to acknowledgement of booking we check our guests for host complaints in internal chats, realtor and hotel blacklists and feedbacks in booking systems. This allows to avoid vandalism and neighbours complaints. 90% of our guests are families and business travelers.

Zero maintenance issues

We don't call owners for every small trouble like water leakage, clogging or repair - we bear all operational expenses within normal wearout range. Depending on the city, we have own or hired household service - electricians, plumbers, etc.

Be free and confident

Your property is cared. Whether you leave for a vacation or a business you don't have to ask your friends or neighbours to keep an eye on your apartment or villa. Our staff will take care of it. Even our guests immediatelly inform us about any contingency.

If interested in more details - please leave your request and we will provide all information you need !

example: apartment, 3 room

We manage their property

  • I leased my apartment by myself before. It is quite a trouble, because it is not easy to find adequate tenants. And it is not my problem now :).

    Irina К.


  • ... The flat became more cozy. Sunville's staff rearranged some things, bought a carpet, changed curtains. Timely pay without delays. I'm satisfied with the cooperation!

    Damir Sh.


  • I've been leasing my apartment for quite a long time and I saw different tenants in the past. Some tenants were calling for any problem in the apartment, which was really annoying. Now there are no calls. They solve all maintenance issues themselves. We have signed the agreement.

    Anna P.


  • I have an apartment in Kazan but my workplace is in another city. Before I leased to Sunville I had to ask my parents to keep an eye on the flat. It is not an easy matter taking their age into account. After I started to work with Sunvilles I secretly visited the apartment couple of times to check. Everything was OK. Now I'm certain.

    Timur M.


  • I leased my flat to Sunville and signed the agreement. They are quite rational and adequate people. All questions are solved on win-win basis. Payments are on time. I have made the conclusion that working with the management company is safer and easier.

    Lyudmila Kh.


  • I'm a realtor and I cooperate with Sunville company since 2015. During this time I picked and initiated number of apartments. The owners are very satisfied. The condition of these apartments is much better comparing to those leased for ordinary tenants, for at least two reasons:

    - living load for such flat is less, since main part of their guests are tourists. They return to apartment to sleep in the evening after siteseeing in the city;

    - thorough cleaning is done after each check out. If necessary, all repairs and maintenance is done ASAP.

    Dilara М.